YEKA RES Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

Project Details

  • The tender for "The Allocation of Wind Energy Renewable Energy Resource Areas and Connection Capacities" was held by Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the tender was awarded to YEKA RES and its consortium partners at a record low price.

    The tender consists of 6 different WEPPs with a total power of 1000 MW capacity to be erected by using locally manufactured wind turbines. The pre-licences of the WEPPs have been received and all projects are under development.

    # WEPP Name Power (MW)
    1 Sergen 145
    2 Balkaya 260
    3 Edirne 295
    4 Yellice 160
    5 Gürün 90
    6 Eskişehir 50

Project Locations

Importance of the Projects

  • Total installed capacity 1000 MW
  • ~ 3.5 billion kWh electricity generation per year
  • Supply of annual electricity demand of around 1.2 million of households
  • ~ 3.2 million tons of CO2 emission reduction annually
  • 65% locally manufactured turbines
  • Manufacturing of minimum 150 wind turbines per shift or 400 MW per year
  • Establishment of R&D center for wind technologies with employment of 50 local engineers
  • Creating new employment for 400 people to take part in turbine production
  • Exportation capability of locally manufactured turbines and other components
  • Employment of 500 people during the construction & operation phases

Contact Details

YEKA RES Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.